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Cuore e Terra di Sicilia operates in the market for the distribution of dried fruit and typical high quality Sicilian products. From the long family tradition of producing and marketing the products that our land offers such as almonds, pistachios, oil, and wine, we have learned and respect it to love its fruits.

Our ambitious goal is to continue the activities of our grandparents, expanding the range of typical products and the market in which to allocate them. We choose the best local suppliers that guarantee to be able to offer our customers the best of a wide range of local products in which we deeply believe and that are able to combine origins and innovation always looking at new lifestyles and new customer needs. reference market. Since our goal is based on meeting the increasingly complex needs of the market, we try to increase the quality of our products, increasing our offer with the line of typical organic products and high quality standards. Our future is based on two words: Credibility and Trust. We build our future by focusing on our credibility to deserve the trust of our partners!